Welcome to Final Fantasy Core, a FATE campaign in the spirit of the Final Fantasy video games.

The initial campaign is set in the kingdom of Septerra, an isolated kingdom surrounded by wilderness on all sides. The kingdom is mainly medieval in nature and ruled by a hereditary monarchy. However the main city, although still composed of gothic and medieval buildings, has electrical power and lighting in most areas, to include most of the suburbs.

The capital city of Septerra (called Obelisk because of the large central skyscraper) is mainly powered by a Mako reactor, which is tended by an enigmatic guild known as the Keepers.

Septerra has no standing army as such, since it has never encountered any other kingdoms in recent history. It is served by a standing police force called the Sentinels, who double as a border patrol. Obelisk also has its own police force, divided into the ISS (Internal Security Service) and the Guardians, who patrol the city.

Other than the isolated tech of the mako reactor, the rail system within the city, the city lighting, and the equipment of some of the elite police forces, the tech level of the kingdom of Septerra remains mainly medieval in nature. Swords and pistols are the most common of armaments, and most people travel by chocobo, foot, or various low range electric vehicles.

Magic prevails in the area, but is regarded as risky and dangerous by the general populous. There is an academy of mages in the foothills of the mountains that provide teaching to those deemed worthy.

The main reason for the isolation of the kingdom of Septerra is the wilderness geography. To the west, across the Sapphire river, lie the impenetrable and monster filled lands of the Forbidden Desert. While to the east, past the woodlands and orchards of the kingdoms lie the Barrier Mountains

Final Fantasy Core

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